Friday, June 18, 2010

Trousers galore, and no trousers at all

As you can imagine we have lots of tricots and jumpers with national flags in the hunt. But todays post is dedicated to trousers that can be found in the huntgifts.

These brown jeans are the gift from D-Design. They have an unisex fit and nice subtile african patterns and tucks for that special African flair.

B Side Couture donated these flowerish Beach Shorts with sculpted cuffs and drownstraines.

PEER kicks it like Beckham with the unisex Beckham-denims in grey stonewash style.

And finally the third gift from GESAMTKUNSTWERK is a complete soccer ball avatar with jumping animation. And as you might have guessed - you need no trousers at all for this one ;-)

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