Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spotlight on accessoires

In todays post we will have a closer look on the accessoires you will receive when you find the soccerballs in the hunt.

These neat necklaces for male and female soccerfans can be found at Secret October.

This unisex soccerbelt in denim stlye with flexi chains comes with a resizer and was donated by Cortes 'n' Rossini.

GESAMTKUNSTWERK made a couple of gifts for the Go4Goal Hunt. This is one of them - the green arena-playground hair.

COGOO gifts a real showbag for soccerfans. You can expect a cute soccerbra, a couchpotato tee and also a couchpotato goal animation - like we will see in many livingrooms these days ;-)

And what is a couchpotato without a decent soccersofa? This one is the gift from Simply Basic.

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