Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear vendors and bloggers,
a befriended blogger thankfully passed us a notecard regarding possible real life IP RIGHT VIOLATIONS. We want to stress here that ALL OFFICIAL LOGOS of the soccer world cup are registered trademarks - same goes for the official soccer outfits of all the teams fighting for the cup right now. I also want to explain that this hunt is all about fun and devotion to the games in South Africa and that none of you vendors and bloggers are gaining virtual or real life sales with this hunt.
But nevertheless - to be on the safe side and not to face some RL legal problems - it might be clever to AVOID these trademarks. If you have used them please consider to exchange them to something you made up on your own (like we did with the hunt sign).
For you bloggers also - please avoid to use official logos or photographys as background for showing off the goodies of the hunt. You can find a very good explanation about legal stuff with links to official websites here.
Thanxx for your support and consideration :-)

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