Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something to dress up

Here is a nice mixture of gifts you can find with the Go4Goal Hunt. Something to dress up, something for your shoulders and something skindeep - so lets get this started :-)

(coZy in heLL) Wonderland donates two gifts. There is this cute African skin with tribal tattoos for the girls and the "Love for South Africa-Tee" for the lads.

As you probably know - it is winter right now in South Africa. Style Extrem thought about that and put the stylish unisex windbreaker in South African Style in their gift.

Like said in the previous post the guys from GESAMTKUNSTWERK have crafted many gifts for the hunt - so this one here is also to find in their soccerball. Obviously it is the fan-gear from the German team - so make a guess from which state the owners come from ;-)

Chehalis Design did a brillant job to combine the topics soccer with Aouth Africa. You can find the cute shoulder-bear together with the soccerball-necklace hidden in their store.

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