Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Africa to Dortmund

After the African related items yesterday we will show you today some more soccerrelated gifts from the hunt again. But let's start with a gift that makes the perfect crossover between Africa and Soccer ;-)The "soccer-ostrich" and the "pose-ostrich" are donated by Country Of The Kings Of Fantasy. The pose-ostrich comes with plenty poses and hides his head in the sand and rases it up by your command.

Talking 'bout poses. These soccerposes have been used for many blogentries and gift-pix of the Go4Goalhunt. No Strings Attached provided them as gift for the hunt.

So you can see the above mentioned poses also in this giftshot. It is a unique South-Africa-Tee (for him and her) and a fan-wristband. There are two soccerballs to find at!

And finally for todays post SOMAPOP included not only this Baron Munchhausen-Soccerball but also soccershirts galore (and also one of Borussia Dortmund ^^)!

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