Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reading about the hunt 2.0

The hunt made it again into the blogs. Here a list of them:

Arya Braveheart has a lovely blog where she shows what she loves in sl. She wrote three entries about the go4goal hunt. And she added some lovely pictures she made herself.

Carson Caiben did it again. And wrote again about the hunt on his blog. This time he had a look at the skins.

He also posted this on Fabfree.

And the blog about skins and soccer is also findable here:

Here an other blog from Carson:

This blog entry is really special. It shows nearly all gifts which are available in the hunt. I have no clue how much time it took to do this entry but i could imagine that it must have been a while. Its really impressing. And i have to admit it made me grin, as all items are shown on a male avatar.

The hunt made it again on the Fashion and freebies for men blog.

Amarelo is a very colourful blog and they wrote about the hunt. The picture they used for the blog entry is fun.

Its tricky to say something about Rio Diary as its a bit tricky to understand the language but the hunt is in it.

Here the vintage outfit from 22769 got blogged. And also a skin which isn t in the hunt but looks like it is worth to grab it.

Here the outfit from lnl got blogged and also some more football related items. And paco one of the organisators of the hunt is abused as slave.

Some football related items from the hunt are also shown here:

Shayariel also wrote again about the go4goal hunt.

The hunt even made it on free*style.

The blogger of this entry seems to love the jeans from d-design very much:

The lamps from the hunt are shown here:

And last but not least four entries on topsecret. This is an other blog for men and shows nice pictures of the hunt items.

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