Saturday, June 26, 2010

All fixed!

The last three days have been surprising and meant a lot of work for everyone connected to the hunt. But I am very happy to say - all is fixed again! Yayy!
And even more - you already did the hunt? Maybe you should do it once again, cause many shopowners did a brand new gift for you soccerfanatics out there! So here is the new sneek-peek on some of the provided gifts. Fasten your seatbelts, strikers ^^

You loved the last cute shoulderbear from Chehalis? Good news, cause here is another one ;-) Cute, cuddly and with a faible for soccer (of course)

Also our friends from Joseph made another soccer sweater which is available by today at their place. Good idea to check back at their place - face it! You just can not have too much sweaters in your virtual closet.

Be greedy ladies. You liked the outfit provided from K! Fashion - wahey - here is yet another sexy one for you. And if you want to have that african vibe also then better check out the leopard print boots.

And again something new for you to wear. IC DESIGN have been very generous and designed these neat soccer shirts for you.

The USC Texture Tomb sends you on a safari with new textures for building, decoration and working with. Bring something african to your virtual home :-)

And not enough - these are just SOME of the new gifts to get at the Go4Goal Hunt. But we are right now in the process of working on another surprise for you guys! So better be posted on this blog - cause more is yet to come.

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