Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Dear readers, hunters and vendors,
we received an e-mail today from Linden Labs regarding possible trademark violations with the huntgifts. That means the usage of copyright protected logos, symbols, signs but also logo-writings and mascots.
We have informed the shopowners with the issued huntgifts inworld already via notecards or in IM's. Most of them will alter their huntgifts to something that they made up or are free to use (like flags or selfmade illustrations of soccerballs...etc.). Nevertheless: we highly recommend that every shopowner doublechecks with their gifts if there could be a legal issue with it. If you are unsure about it - here are the trademark guidelines provided by FIFA:


Also we have removed the issuable promotionpictures of the huntgifts from this blog and replaced them with a placeholder. Of course we will show the new and altered huntgifts as soon as we receive the new pictures.
I might happen that some landmarks in the gifts lead to places who have taken out their gift because of above mentioned issues. So hunters - please check the hint-page here - we update it as soon as we have the information.
Thank you for your support

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