Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Go4Goal Hunt (G4GH) – a hunt dedicated to the soccer championships in South Africa 2010


Welcome to the G4GH webpage. Right now we are right in the application process but we are really glad and proud to have such a great amount of high quality shops already in the hunt. So – this one will become really, really great :-)
We – this is Paco Pooley (the guy with the glasses) and Manuel Ormidale (the guy without the glasses ;-) ). We run a little shop called 22769 casual couture and we just do love hunts. That’s why we came up with the idea to do something to accompany the soccer championships 2010, cause nobody else did.

So what can you expect from the hunt?
The themes of the hunt are of course sport, especially soccer obviously, and on the other hand South Africa. So you will find gifts like casual sportswear, tricots, animations and gestures, but also some traditional South African wear, nice african furniture and many fun stuff.
Also we are very proud that we have already some shops confirmed in the hunt that are rather new or have never before attended a hunt, but still provide high quality items. So there are many new places to explore :-) You can have a sneek when you hit the SURLs of the so far confirmed stores in the right coloum.
Oh – and you have to look for an oldfashiones soccerball.

The hunt will be circular – so you can start at any shop that has the huntsign out. We will also found a hunters group where you can share hints and stuff. The hunters group will be addicted to sports in general since we plan to make some other sports related hunts also.

And here is the Timeline:
Now – 1st June:
Collecting Applications, confirming Stores
Publishing the participation Stores with SURLs on this website
1st June – 10th June:
Sendout of the new huntsigns (excluding the application form and including the hint-notecard)
Publishing the hints on this webpage
Publishing the provided pictures of the hunt gifts
Sendout of the Huntbox with the next Landmark and all scripts in
9th June:
Walkthrough and fixing problems
11th June – 11th July:
The hunt is up and running – yayy!

So – if you are a store owner and like to be part of the soccer-team – you can find the application form below. Just copy and paste it in a notecard and send it to Paco Pooley or Manuel Ormidale inworld. We will come back to you asap :-)