Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reading about the hunt

The goal has been blogged and not only once. Several blogs showed items from the hunt.
Here we like to link the blog entries we have found yet.

Fashion + Freebies for Men is one of the top blogs for freebies for men in second life. And you could find three blog entries about the go4goal hunt there.

Carson Caiben writes for several blogs and has also an own blog, named Mens Where?. There he wrote two times about the go4goal hunt.
he scores
go 4 goal

He also wrote those entries on FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL. This is one of the biggest second life freebie blogs and always worth to have a look at.
he scores
go 4 goal

. She is very fast in blogging and makes amazing pictures. To say it short that girl has talent and i have to add she is very nice and helpful.
waka waka and allez ola ole g4g you
goal there can only be one winner
more g4g hunt goodies

Resas Freebie corner is a german blog about freebies. They wrote a entry about the whole hunt.

Shiawase Ltd. as the wonderful slogan: "When other dream, we do!". And they wrote also an entry about the whole hunt.
The Go4Goal Hunt

I suppose nearly everybody knows Make him over. They organize great hunts for guys and the site is always useful for mens fashion. And the hunt also made it on that site.
dressing up by eros

Now its getting embarrassing as i have to write about my own blog entries. At the moment i write for two blogs look what the cat brought and sldiscovery.
I wrote those for look what the cat brought:
on safari
going to watch the game
go 4 goal preview

Sldiscovery is a site which is much more than a freebieblog. Its about the many things in second life so they also write entries about exhibitions or great places to visit. I wrote an other safari blog for them.
on safari

There are many many more blogentries out there cause some bloggers write for many blogs simultaniously. If you like to give your items to a blogger it might be a good idea to have a look at this site: slfashionconnection .
If you found a blogentry which is not mentioned here feel free to send the link to Paco Pooley or Dagmar Haiku.

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