Sunday, June 13, 2010

Showing off some soccer appreciation

Soccer is big fun - and these accessories and special items transfer some of the fun in your second life...

This cute soccer-tattoo for the boys and the girls is the gift donated by White widow - let your body be the canvass for some ink-art.

Watching too much soccer on the telly can make your eyes go screwy ;-) Show everybody your appreciaton for soccer with the soccer-eyes from Dark Desires Custom Tattoos by Layla.

These sweatpants from A:S:S come together with the "outch, that hurts"-pose and the crotch soccerball. Believe me boys and girls - these pants give you a way cute butt!

NG Creations have put these african coloured soccershoes in their gift. For the boys and for the girls (with high heels - cause girls want to kick it with style ^^). Both versions have "kick-action"

Since the German Team is playing tonight (sorry for beeing biased on this one) I really hope that the German trainer Jogi Loew got the striker distracting defence line from Wisent-Animations... ;-)

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