Friday, July 9, 2010

Can`t wait till tomorrow

When hearing that there will be a end of the hunt party i got very excited and wanted to watch everything. I sat on the roof and used some glases to watch Paco and Manuel decorate their backyard. But i got very bored but on the other way i wanted to see how all the store owners put their items in their boothes. So i grabbed a football and started to play with it. Sometimes i kicked it by mistake in a booth heared an angry grunting and the ball got kicked back to me. But of course i managed to catch it again. Manuel stood behind the party sign and yelled at me to stop.
But of course i didn t. I even went on and tried to make him play football with me.
The party will take part tomorrow at the 10th of July from 10 am SLT till 5 pm SLT. A lot of vendors have a booth there and show some of their items. So if you rushed through the hunt you have a chance to see now what other things the shops build who took part in the hunt. For example the dress on the picture's is a dollarbie from Hasi's and sold at the party yard and the poses are from Juice.

Dress: Hasi`s Babydoll Dress orange (1 Linden at the go4goal party (its allready available)
Poses: Juice - 6 Football Poses (200 Linden)

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  1. Where will be the party? SURL please.