Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All good things come to an end...

Spain won the World Cup! Yayy - so congratz to our spanish friends :-) Also things come back to normal a bit. The dancefloor from the Go4Goal Closing Party found its way back in the inventory and the Go4Goal Signs disappeared since the hunt is officially over.
So - the last thing to do is closing the blog also. And herewith we officially close this blog here with all the rantings, all the showcases of the huntgifts, all discussions about trademark issues and all the fun stuff we published here :-)
And we want to take the opportunity to answer some maybe open questions.
First of all: Yes - there will be another hunt. There are no dates for the hunt yet and nothing is fixed. There is not even a name or an application phase for the hunt - but lets put it that way: We have some ideas.
Yes - we will keep the Sports Hunt Group up and running since we definitely will do a sport related hunt in the future again.
Yes - all vendors of the Go4Goal-Hunt will be the first to know when we start a new project. Honestly - this one ran quite smooth and that is also because of you guys. We received very flattering compliments on the hunt from all around the world and even from Linden Labs themselves. But this seems a bit unfair to us cause you guys did a terrific job and reacted so quick on troublespots and problems - so this is definitely to salute everyone involved in the hunt. You guys rock!
And while we are at it: It is time to shout thanxx to many people. Without them this one would not have been possible to do: First of all the vendors in the "second row" who missed the application deadline or had some problems with their internetconnection who gratefully jumped in some open places that popped up after the hunt started. You guys have been so quick - without you we still would have some troublespots.
A big hug goes out to every blogger out there who accompanied the hunt with their marvellous entries. That helped so much to spread the word about the hunt.
And last but not least all the hunters who did the hunt. I mean - what is a hunt without hunters, right? :-) Also the "inofficial" hintlists we received and the love and some ideas about what to do better and stuff. This is very much appreciated since we try to grow on that :-)
Ok - thats about it. The hunt is over and the blog is closed. The Go4Goal-Team Marcuz Palen, Dagmar Haiku, Manuel Ormidale and Paco Pooley is sending out kisses and hugs to everyone. And be sure that we all will see each other again with further projects... :-)

Oh - this one we nearly forgot: Yes - we are taking a little break to recover before we jump in the planning phase of another crazy thing ;-) But please feel free to drop us notes or IM's ^^

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